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How Are Fireworks Made?

Fireworks require a careful process to ensure that they work optimally. There are several different kinds of fireworks but for this article we focus on the Orion Pirotehnika rocket firework, an aerial firework which launches into the sky. Also known as the skyrocket, the rocket firework was invented in the sixteenth century and involves a conical-shaped top to imitate a space rocket. True to form, it is often launched from the ground up and is often accompanied by a whistling noise as they take off. 

Fireworks are ultimately explosives. They work like dynamite where you light a fuse and it explodes. Unlike other explosives and dynamite however, we enjoy fireworks for their splendour; the colour that they splash against the sky. The makeup of rockets, as fireworks,  can be split into four main parts: the fuse, the interior, the shell.

So how are these fascinating holiday celebrative pyrotechnics created? 


The Fuse

The fuse is called a visco fuse and it is made with an easily excitable material that carries the charge to the body of the rocket. This is the end bit that we light with a match or lighter; the catalyst for the entire chain of events to follow. The fuse is layered to have the outer coat water resistant to prevent moisture build up around the wick of the fuse. 


The Shell

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There are a few contents inside the firework shell that make the firework work. There’s the mortar, the bursting charge and the propellant powder. Mortar, which is the outer container; the cannon the fuse is connected to. The shell (also known as the artillery shell) is the ‘housing’ surrounding the contents of the rocket firework. That’s the exterior we often see and hold while setting it up on the launch site. Of course, the colour and the sparkle is what attracts us. But what captivates us and makes us purchase the firework is the external design. This is an easy design printed on the outer layer of the rocket which is often paper, which while it does not hold any significance in the effectiveness of the rocket, is a pleasing aesthetic. 


Inside the Shell

The contents of the shell are where the magic of fireworks lies. Inside the shell is the bursting charge, the propellant powder and the ‘stars’. The bursting charge in essence sets the explosion of the ‘stars’ once the firework has reached the required height. Propellant powder (or gunpowder) is what’s ignited when the fire reaches the end of the fuse and causes the firework to burst. The colour and sparkle of the firework display varies from firework to firework. So, some come with delay fuses to allow intermittent bursts as the firework launches. Different powder and chemicals give the colour that we see in the sky, too. 








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6 Gift Ideas For A Father’s Special Day

There is always a holiday around the corner: Christmas, Father’s Day, birthdays and other celebrations. Finding the best gifts for your dad can be a tumultuous time, especially given how elusive dads can be about what they really want.There are many ways to make the day special without making it too expensive. So while we may want to give our fathers all the best presents they deserve, it is not always easy. Not to fret! We’ve provided a mixed list of items to accommodate all kinds of budgets while still making your dad’s day one to remember.


Cologne Sets

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Colognes are a good investment and never a miss! There are several brands that have affordable options. While eau de toilets are cheaper, colognes have a scent that is stronger for longer. Purchasing a good cologne offers a long-lasting high-quality fragrance. Some cologne sets come with a smaller complementary colognes or an eau de toilette. 



firework celebrationsFirework celebrations are an awesome night event to either start the day or end it. There are several kinds of fireworks that show off beautiful displays when lit up. Consult a store about some of the most impressive ones and set up a small show outdoors for a spectacular evening. Ensure that you take safety measures and all required precautions before lighting your fireworks.


Casual Clothes And Suits

You can never go wrong with a good t-shirt, a dad cap or a pair of new sneakers. There are different stores that provide high quality clothing and the best part about clothing is that it is expressive, while also being accessible and affordable in most cases. If you aim to personalise the gift more, you can get your father several customised items or apparel. These are worthwhile investments that show off your father’s character and your relationship with him.


High Grade Coffee Or Whiskey

High grade coffee tastes perfect in the morning, however finding the best beans proves to be a bit harder. Many people actually opt to import their high-grade coffees if they can’t find the best quality coffee close by. If your father enjoys whiskey there are a variety to consider purchasing for his special day. 


Baked Goods Or A Cooked Feast

Baking your dad a cake or cupcakes is perfect for young children who don’t have their own income yet and therefore can’t buy expensive items. Help them through the baking or cooking a delicious dish that their father enjoys. It does not have to be a complex dish, but it can definitely uplift the mood and make their father’s day a grand one.


Plan A Day Out

Planning a day out with your father is another way to make it memorable. Spending quality time ensures that your father knows that you value his company and time. You can spend the day doing all the activities your father enjoys or take him to his favourite spots around town or the city. You could also make it a day with your dad and some of his friends, or make it a day out for both your parents so that they enjoy some time alone. Make it a memorable day with a sorted itinerary, or allow your father to pick his own activities.





A Guide To Firework Purchasing 

The holiday season is a perfect time to purchase a set of fireworks to end off festivities. Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday or commemorate a special occasion, fireworks are a special extra seasoning to the end of a glorious day. These can be customised or bought directly from the store. It is often more affordable to buy them, but if you do prefer to go the extra mile then definitely look into purchasing a customized firework display to make an event of the day that no one will forget. 

What Kind Do You Want To Purchase? 

There are several kinds of fireworks from ground spinners  to firecrackers and rocket launchers. The kind of fireworks you want to purchase subsequently requires other factors to align because of their various properties and display capabilities. For example, firecrackers are relatively small and therefore don’t require much open space to be lit up.

Sparklers: Sparklers are thin and hand-held. They sparkle until they fizzle out and these are often a favourite for young children because they are uncomplicated fun, and easy to move around with. 

Crackers: firecrackers create the sharp popping sounds and fast flashy explosions. These do not launch into the sky, though many people like to throw them into the air before they explode. They are quick and easy while relatively priced. 

Rockets: rocket fireworks are launched into the sky and accompanied by whistling sounds. These often come with colourful displays and have made themselves a fan favourite.

These are not the only kinds in existence. There is an extensive list, however these are often the go-to choices for family functions, and personal use. 

Are You Licensed?/ Are Your Fireworks Legal?

The legality of fireworks can land you in big trouble if they are not recognised by the law. The reason why there is a strictness applied in pyrotechnics is that these are, in concept, explosives. Explosives therefore require care and measures that ensure that they are legitimately sourced. This is important not only to prevent catastrophic incidents that can occur from unregistered and unidentified fireworks, but also to ensure that the quality is legitimate and does not compromise the functionality of the firework.

Can You Afford The Fireworks You Want To Purchase?


Fireworks can range from $5 USD to $ 1 0000 USD! There are several kinds that come with different properties and a variety of stylistic preferences when they are set off. The kind of firework it is also defines the price. A rocket is going to inevitably cost more than a sparkler because it is more spectacular and larger. Some companies offer special firework display shows which are often accompanied by a large fee because the process involves a lot of logistics and maneuvers. 








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Are Fireworks The Best Way To Celebrate?

While the glamour of fireworks never fades, there are many communities growing to be concerned about this method of celebration. Why are people moving away from the idea of always turning to fireworks to mark their festivities? Are there other ways to celebrate without fireworks and still maintain the glorious flourish of the event? The reasons to look for other ways to highlight a day are growing.


  1.     The Loudness Of Fireworks

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Fireworks are often noisy and the noise pollution comes at the sacrifice of pets, sensitive people and several others. Animals act skittish due to the ongoing explosives. And as many often go off at the same time, especially sensitive animals are often seen running astray in agitation. Many animal advocates consider fireworks to be an unkind and tortuous festivities because of the distress they cause animals. The loudness also distresses many sensitive individuals.  


  1.     Air Pollution

On big days like New Year’s Eve, the world experiences a large amount of air pollution as fireworks light the night sky. While the air pollution is temporary, it still poses a threat to the health of individuals who are sensitive to air quality. Partial visibility is another problem. The smoke is therefore not only an obscurity but it is also problematic in affecting air quality.


  1.     Safety Hazards

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Celebrations involving fireworks tend to turn into disastrous events when not handled with care. There have been numerous reports of several celebrations and festivities resulting in deadly forest fires, which burn for days on end and have even resulted in the loss of forestry, animals and lives of firefighters. Especially during the dry seasons, the possibility of festive celebrations turning into disasters are high, and because events have become largely extravagant, measures have had to be put in place to ensure that it is not excessive. Not only this, but fireworks pose more danger because of their explosive qualities. Their unpredictability makes them deadly, especially if they come with different capabilities and powers.


  1.     Other Celebration Choices


There are other ways of celebrating without fireworks; without the same noise or air pollution. Using candles is a great way to light up the evening. Candles are a safer replacement because they last longer, offer a pretty scenery and are noiseless. Another option is lanterns. Lanterns, especially landed ones, limit the air pollution while still marking the celebratory events. Another option is to use lights. Lights are noiseless, easy to install and still make the festivities memorable. With lights they come with a smaller chance of fires breaking out, especially wildfires.


There are many other ways to celebrate. Fireworks still add the preferred element to the night time scene, but with the variety of problems they cause, there are other options– other alternatives that can grow to become the norm.



The Different Kinds Of Fireworks 

The fireworks we have grown to know and love have not always been as colourful and dynamic as we currently see them. The night-time elements that we are now accustomed to celebrate every festive season were once simple. The history and evolution of fireworks is an interesting journey into the creation and popularity of the explosive.

A Brief History And Evolution Of Fireworks


Historians state that the earliest fireworks were historically from China. They were developed around the 2nd century B.C. and were made from bamboo thrown into the fire. These would overheat and explode and, thus, the first fireworks” were born. Over the years chemists began to experiment with powders with the first idea of gunpowder being a mixture with potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulfur. This resulted in the first artificial, man-made firecracker. The traditional fire work then evolved to become more complex with more colours and more styles. 


The Different Kinds Of Fireworks And How They Work




Fire-crackers are easy fireworks that are often characterised by a loud sharp and quick bang. The crackers are not as flashy as other fireworks and often come as hand-held pyrotechnics. There are fire-crackers that are known as grenades that work similarly, conceptually. Like the name suggests, grenades are lit up and thrown into the air before they go off. They are similar to fire-crackers in that their explosions are short-lived, loud and small. They are fun and inexpensive, but there is not much spectre.



Sparklers are long and simple fireworks that are often lit up on the end and sparkle until they fizzle out. They are a great option for kids because they are quite safe and easy to manage. These are implemented in several celebratory gatherings, like weddings, birthdays, and other festivities.




Rocket fireworks are launched from the ground up. They are characterised by their conical tops and their cylindrical exterior. When they launch off there is often a whistling sound to imitate the rockets they are named after. 


Roman Candles

These fireworks are long cylindrical tubes that eject stars. They are aimed at the sky and come in different sizes to produce a different number of ‘bursts’. They are handheld, unlike ground spinners; however, these fireworks are illegal in different countries including Finland and some parts of the USA because they are unpredictable and tend to malfunction.




Fountains are more spectacular than your regular crackers. They are placed in a central position and stars shoot out of them to create a ‘fountain’, spewing  continuously in a variety of directions and styles. Some swirl around while others shoot straight ahead. Fountain fireworks are spectacular and show off vibrant colours, depending on the purchase.


Ground Spinners

These fun fiery trinkets are placed on the ground and whizz in a circular motion. They light up from the ground and therefore shouldn’t be handled as they’re being lit up. These fireworks require a safe distance as well to prevent close proximity burns. They are affordable even for children and easily accessible at any store that sells fireworks.




Firework Season And Safety

Every holiday deserves the appropriate celebration. Fireworks are a lovely way to begin or end festivities and it is exciting to watch them as much as it is to set them up. Caution is, however, necessary because fireworks are ultimately decorative explosives. Because fireworks come with a hazard, they need to be handled extra carefully and there are several things to consider before you light them up. This guide helps ensure that you are safe when you do decide to set off the fireworks you’ve been yearning to light since their purchase. 

1. Space And Range


The space you occupy and the range of the fireworks work in conjunction. Depending on the kind of fireworks you have, you need to be careful with where you are going to light them up. Are there tall buildings in the area? How tall are the trees? How dense and dry is the greenery around you? These questions will assist you in getting the best kind of fireworks for the kind of area you are occupying. Fireworks are notorious for causing fires, and therefore ensuring that there is space to set them off is crucial. Furthermore, there needs to be space to set them off while providing enough room for retreat to keep you and your loved ones safe. For larger, more complex fireworks that are often handled by pyrotechnic experts, people are often kept hundreds of metres away from the site to keep them safe from the explosions.


2. Pets


Certain pets are sensitive to fireworks, especially if they have never been trained through them. Dogs, in particular, can be skittish around the presence of the loud bangs and the brightness. Make sure that, if you have pets, they are in a safe area where they won’t run out, but still feel comfortable for the duration of the fireworks. It often helps to keep them close to a person they trust who can continuously reassure them of their safety.


3. Children And Hyper-sensitive Individuals


Similarly, children and hypersensitive individuals should be cared for appropriately. Individuals with autism or those with sensitive hearing or eyes should be careful around fireworks and how they understand them. Children as well can easily be scared if they are not used to the sounds and lights. Explain to them what is happening as preparation may sensitise them for what’s to come.


4. Launch Site And Licenses


The site for your fireworks must also be carefully selected, away from buildings and flammable goods. Gases can easily turn a wonderful night into one of catastrophe, so ensure that if there are any fluids nearby they are tightly sealed, or better yet, they are stored far from the site. Another important requirement is to check what kind of fireworks you have in your possession and how they fare at your launch site. Some fireworks are smuggled in as illegal contraband and might malfunction because of poor quality properties. Some fireworks may require licensing because they are too powerful for the average citizen to have in possession.


5. Safety Procedures

Safety measures are a must-have. These include having fire extinguishers or water nearby. Ensure that you have the contact details of local fire and first aid services in the case that things do not pan out as meant to. It may seem an extra and unnecessary step, but in the event that the fireworks malfunction, you need to protect those around you as best as you can.



New Year’s Day Around The World

 That splatter of colour that lights up the night sky is the perfect way to end (or begin) a night of family, friends and fun. The best holidays to use fireworks are the ones that symbolise a new beginning and the end of an era. New Year’s Day is, therefore, a symbol of the new overcoming the old. However, while the conventional and well-known New Year is always a day to look forward to, New Year’s Day is a culturally-rich and varying holiday for certain cultures. It depicts a complex and interesting tapestry of humanity as we all celebrate the New Year of our different cultures in different ways, but ultimately, acknowledge the newness and hopefulness it brings to communities.

New Year’s Day (Gregorian Calendar)


New Year’s Day finds itself to be one of the biggest holidays symbolised by the end of the old and the beginning of the new. Celebrated on the first of January every year at exactly 12 a.m, fireworks make it a splendid affair. What’s more is that most households are found to be screaming gleeful “Happy New Year!’s from all around. New Year’s Day sees a lot of colour in the Americas, Africa, Europe, Australia and Asia, with massive displays earning television time for all to see. Oftentimes, millions of people tune in on their TV sets to watch the Ball drop in Time Square against the backdrop of fireworks.




Also known as the ‘Festival of Lights’ in English, the Hindu festival is one that is perfect for fireworks and firecrackers. It is, after all, a celebration of light and there is no better way to bring a little light into dark skies than a few colourful fireworks. Diwali is a Hindu festival and often connotes a new beginning, just like the conventional New Year. It is a beautiful display of lights and fireworks, giving thanks to the Goddess of wealth and prosperity Lakshmi, and the elephant-headed God Ganesh, wishing prosperity and goodness to neighbours with feasts of delicious cuisine.


The Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is another celebration that millions of people look forward to. It is also known as the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival. China’s calendar is according to the animal zodiacs that determine the kind of fortunes that will be bestowed on each person. There are twelve animals in the Chinese Zodiac, so every twelve years the calendar cycle starts again. The festivities include lanterns, fireworks and feasts for millions of communities. Family and friends come together to a household and often eat together to celebrate the coming of the New Year over two weeks of celebrations.


Rosh Hashanah


Rosh Hashanah in Israel is a Hebrew New Year’s celebration that is also titled the Feast of Trumpets. Many practising Jews visit synagogues or temples. The Shofar-Blowing ceremony is when a horn- instrument (often from a ram) is blown 100 times in the mornings of the two-day holiday. As many New Year festivities include the presence of light, Rosh Hashanah also has its own lighting ceremony where candles are lit on each evening. This holiday is often overlooked as a New Year’s celebration but it is one of the oldest practices.





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Best Celebratory Displays In The World

 When traveling around Christmas time have you ever thought of staying over for the New Year celebrations? There are many places to go to for amazing firework displays that will have you in awe. Every New Year, television networks show off some of the best firework displays from all around the world. But there are several holidays unrelated to the New Year festivities that also show off colour and light in their extravagant firework displays. 

Firework Shows, Disneyland


Every child’s playground, and every adult’s nostalgia, Disney has provided us with many iconic movies, shows and theme park rides! Disney is famous and popular for the magic it inspires in the young and old, and there are few who remain immune to it. Disney Resorts and amusement parks are found in Paris, France; California and Florida, The USA; and Hong Kong, China. So, wherever you end up on holiday you have a close-by option to watch their fantastic shows. Disneyland of Paris and California and Disney World in Florida show off fireworks not only over the holiday, but even as a simple celebration of vitality; of youth. Their firework displays are some of the most beautiful and complex shows in the world and they often use them at the announcements of new rides and major holidays.

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The Ball Drop, Times Square

New Year’s Day in New York catches the excitement and rush of the city. The Times Square Ball Drop on the eve of the New Year is televised internationally for the world to join in on the countdown from 6 p.m EST. A tradition that started with the New York Times owner Adolph Och in 1907, this tradition has gone on for more than a century, and continues to be one of the most anticipated events of the New Year. Accompanying the iconic midnight Ball Drop is the magnificent display of colour and razzle dazzle as fireworks explode and the streets are showered with stringers and glitter. This is an event that is great to attend with family and friends and will, no doubt, leave you with the best optimism to start the new year.

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New Year’s Day, Sidney Harbour


Another famous host to splendour and glamour, Sidney Harbour has global watchers glued to their displays. Also often done on the first of January annually Sidney Harbour, Australia, has some of the most iconic firework displays in the world and many news networks place it in the top ten. Against the background of the night sky meshing with the city lights, their fireworks expand into the sky in beautiful symmetry and orchestration. It is a feast for the eyes that anybody in Australia for the holiday would appreciate.

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America’s 4th of July, Washington DC


The fourth of July is also known as America’s independence day, a celebration of their founding identity as a former colony of Britain. Celebrations in Washington DC are a spectacle with music performances , famous guests from all over America, and more! Watch the air force make a strong display of patriotism with an air show where planes are coordinated to fly in intricate forms and patterns. At night, treat yourself to their extravagant fireworks along with thousands of other eager ono-watchers.

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Diwali, Kolkata


Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Lights, a religious holiday that celebrates newness, light overcoming darkness, and the triumph of good over bad. It is celebrated by hundreds of  millions of people across the globe, but the celebrations in Kolkata are a special affair. Join locals in lighting precious lanterns and bringing more light as a symbol of transcendence. Given that the holiday is over five days, you have several chances to participate in their firework displays, too.

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Fun Facts About Fireworks

Fireworks have been the main event to many sorts of celebration throughout the world while incorporating many cultures.  Fireworks fill the night and dark sky with colorful blasts. The view and the sound of fireworks can be very magnificent and euphoric, lifting your vibes up. Specialists accept firecrackers that were concocted in China over 1,000 a long time prior. Nowadays, China is still the biggest creator of firecrackers in the world. Firecrackers could appear like unadulterated enchantments. All those distinctive shapes and colors come around as a result of cautious arranging.

Not all firecrackers have the same sort of use or style. A few detonate in a circle and there are some like a shower of flashes falling down toward the land. A firework’s design depends on how the stars are orchestrated within the shell. Producers can make a layout of a particular design with stars. At that point, they encompass those stars with an uncommon charge. That charge will partition them all at the same time from the shell. It takes just as much scientific knowledge as chemistry and physics to form the wonderful colors we appreciate observing amid firecrackers. There are more fun facts about fireworks, especially Orion Pyrotechnics’s fireworks.

A firecracker requires three key elements: an oxidizer, a fuel, and a chemical blend to create the color. The oxidizer breaks the chemical bonds within the fuel, discharging all of the vitality that’s put away in those bonds. To light this chemical reaction, all you wish could be a bit of fire, within the frame of a meld or a coordinate fire. In the case of early fireworks, saltpeter was the oxidizing ingredient that drove the reaction, as British scholar Roger Bacon figured out in the early 1200s. Interestingly, Bacon kept his findings a secret, writing them in code to keep them out of the wrong hands.

Firework color blends are composed of diverse metal components. When a component burns, its electrons get energized, and it discharges vitality within the frame of light. Distinctive chemicals burn at distinctive wavelengths of light. Strontium and lithium compounds deliver profound reds; copper produces blues; titanium and magnesium burn silver or white; calcium makes an orange color; sodium produces yellow fireworks; and at long last, barium burns green. Integrating chlorine with barium or copper makes neon green and turquoise blazes, respectively. Blue is clearly the foremost troublesome to deliver. Pyrotechnic stars composed of these chemicals are regularly moved into the sky utilizing an ethereal shell.

Segments of natural salt, like sodium salicylate, merge with the oxidizer potassium perchlorate burn one at a time. While every single segment burns, it gradually discharges a gas, making the shrieking sound related to most firecracker rockets. Aluminum or press drops can make murmuring or sizzling shines, whereas titanium powder can make uproarious impacts, in expansion to white sparkles.

Based on the substances that are used in firecrackers, it also has bad effects on the environment. Detonating a firecracker discharges overwhelming metals, dioxins, perchlorates, and other air toxins into the air, and these toxins have genuine wellbeing impacts in tall dosages. Barium nitrate can cause lung issues, whereas the oxidizer potassium perchlorate has been connected to thyroid issues and birth absconds. Due to the elements, it’s likely not as astounding that reusing detonated firecrackers isn’t a choice. Prior to hurling them within the waste, splashing the disposes of in water is continuously a great thought. The cardboard is likely as well grimy to be of any worth to recyclers, in spite of the fact that it’s continuously a good idea to check together with your city or municipality’s squander office. On the off chance that you’re attempting to arrange unused firecrackers, it’s a great thought to call them as well, as most have extraordinary transfer methods for explosives.

A few groups have as of now found replacement for barium compounds and potassium perchlorate. By supplanting chlorine with iodine, a group at the U.S. Army’s Pyrotechnics Technology and Prototyping Division found that sodium and potassium periodate is both secure and viable oxidizers. The same gather moreover found victory supplanting barium with boron. The work is pointed at making more naturally inviting flares for military utilize, but may moreover be connected to civilian firecrackers. A few firecrackers that utilize nitrogen-rich compounds input of perchlorates have been utilized in little shows, but the challenge is making eco-friendly items as cheap as choices.

Orion Pyrotechnic, is one of the biggest portions of our item catalog, is CE amenable, meaning that our items meet European Union guidelines and a high standard of assent with security and control directions of the European Union. Our company was established in 1994. as family commerce and started as a wholesaler and merchant of nourishment and pyrotechnical items. Amid over 20 a long time of our presence, we specialized in the conveyance of commercial pyrotechnic items, firecracker plan, and scene impacts. After numerous a long time of inquiring about and advancement, we’ve made our items the foremost quality and most secure items on European advertisement. With the development of our territorial conveyance center, we ensure speedy and amazing conveyance of our items, as well as legitimate capacity in advance.

This may be logical and common sense, but it’s worth noticing for those who arrange to tinker with pyrotechnics within the terrace this 4th of July. In 2012, 8,700 individuals harmed themselves utilizing firecrackers, and in 2013, that count bounced to 11,300 individuals. There is also additional information regarding firecrackers also starting fierce blazes. Thus it is vital and crucial to take all sort of precautions in order to avoid further incidents and accidents that may cause danger and harm to anyone including yourself. Orion Pyrotechnic manages to keep their chemical in the firecrackers making process to be safe and user friendly in order to be safe to use.

Firecrackers can be very complex and diverse sorts such as rockets, Catherine wheels, and so on that work totally different ways. Basically in spite of the fact that airborne firecrackers which the ones outlined to fire up into the sky have four parts. The holder comprises glued paper. The fuse permits the shell to reach the specified height sometimes recently detonating.