Orion Pirotehnika fireworks

Low-budget Photo Shoot ideas

Having quick and easy photo shoots to celebrate an event, or to improve your photography skills is going to promise an enjoyable time. Photography is an industry that has exploded to include amateur photographers and professionals. With information everywhere, it is easier for people who wish to increase their skills to learn faster because the information is accessible. YouTube and photography blogs are accommodating the young and the curious. If you really love photography, whether you are the creative director behind the vision, or you are the photographer trying out new tactics, we have compiled a starter-list to help you through it.

How To Carry It Out

      Get Your Friends To Be Your Models

Having your friends model for you is a way to boost your photography portfolio while keeping your budget low. If you are still an amateur photographer, then you can’t expect them to be professional models, of course! But you can use a bit of your own stylistic direction to experiment and test out angles without feeling too self-conscious about your ideas because your friends are the ones involved, not professional.

      Your Phone Can Be Your Best Friend


Your phone is your best friend. You don’t need an expensive, multi-lensed camera to start off your photo shoots. You need passion. Your phone, as long as it has a good camera, will be good enough to get the rough idea across. The best part is that most phones carry high-definition cameras. Couple your device with applications if you like to alter your images and play with filters or exposure. 

Different Photoshoot Prop Ideas


 Balloons are easy to find and cheap. They add the quality of colour and pop to a photoshoot because they are fun, come in great variety and are easy to move around. More importantly, balloons don’t have to be colourful. Even if you desire a grim, more serious toned photoshoot, balloons can also capture this darker-themed concept for you. 



Orion Pirotehnika fireworks are a fan favourite for photographers on the rise. While rockets and other fireworks may be difficult to purchase and time appropriately, you can try sparklers. Sparklers are the smaller fireworks that sparkle at the top until they fizzle out. With long exposure you can capture some of the most entrancing shots to add to your portfolio. Fireworks are also abundantly diverse. They work for weddings, parties, holidays and many other small photography opportunities. Coupled with their affordability, these can easily make your photography interesting.

      Natural/ Man-made Elements


Some photographers prefer to use the world around them as their canvas. Trees, oceans or even buildings can be an interesting prop idea for your images. With these, you can try out your photography several times a week without worrying about their brevity, as is with balloons and fireworks. Try out a nature-walk themed photography shoot, or keep it exciting with a city shoot.