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Children And Firework Safety

When we talk about fireworks, our minds will surely be thinking about the sparks in the sky, flamboyant tones, all shapes, and patterns that emerge on the night sky, entertaining our retinas. Thanks to technology, we can get views of everything now. Apart from buying Malaysia’s best baby care essentials, online shopping for a new vacuum for our home, we can just search and watch videos about fireworks. Though the experience is not as much, it is still able to entertain us and the kids too. 

Modern fireworks or pyrotechnics were only established in the 1830s. So, now it is almost 2000 years since it was first invented. Now you must be wondering how people before the 18th century celebrates without any fireworks. Well, the firecracker was an accident actually, not a purpose of the invention. How? The Chinese used to fling bamboo into the fire to make the firework. That was around 200 BC, Thanks to that incident, the idea slowly expanded and slowly it took another thousand years for genuine fireworks to emerge. Legend and old fold tales revealed that an alchemist blended sulfur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate together in the pursue of a successful firework. 

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As time progresses, gunpowder began to migrate west, which is when the Western inventors got their hand on them and started the production of invented weaponry like muskets and cannons. They also continued to develop fireworks, which grew larger and more sophisticated at that time. English royals were known for their best fireworks display as King James II‘s Firemaster was knighted for his outstanding efforts at that time.

That time, they were introducing pyrotechnics to their thirteen colonies on the other side of the Atlantic and the glory was so memorable, the British are the ones you need to thank for the tradition of celebrating Independence Day with these bright blasts. Looking back, the Italian inventors to add elements like strontium or barium 60 years ago. That result is the “ Big Bang” for the firework existence and the explosions we see today. So many branches of fireworks in the modern days now, like Orion Pyrotechnics, and more.

Fireworks are beautiful indeed, but they can do harm to people as well. There are basic things to know when it comes to firework safety and children. 

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Basic Rules:

-Make sure kids stay a safe distance away from the fire as the heat can cause damage to the skin, especially the sensitive ones. 


-Keep everyone a safe distance away from the exhibit and watch at a safe distance. Too close and that would be the firework of your funeral.


-Returning to a burning firework is never a good idea as they might explode on at the time you are in the danger radius. All the pieces of explosions are hot and can be very harmful if they hit the body parts (eyes, ears, fingers, etc).


-Never, ever, ever toss fireworks as it is can be a weapon and deadly. Find something else to throw people at. Anything but fireworks.


-Fireworks should be stored in a metal container. With lid used and apply safety precautions that are necessary. You do not want to end up burning your house because of accidental lit.


-When using pyrotechnics, always follow the manufacturer’s directions and do not mess around with the chemical. Too much Rick and Morty do not make you a chemical engineer. 


What To Know Before Firework:

-Only purchase legal fireworks. Keep them in a cool, dry location and away from any heat whatsoever. 


-Choose a flat, open spot distant from people when light them up. NEVER aim to houses, and dry bushes, you know how firework works.


-Spray the area with a garden hose before lighting them and make sure the kids and pets are in the safe zone, away from the launching pad. 


-NEVER light a firework when you are drunk. Choose either to enjoy the firework in your imagination or the real ones. 


What To Know During And After Firework:

-Have an adult in charge of the situation and NEVER let children underage light them without any supervision.


-Follow the directions on the package and wear any eye protection if needed (sunglasses, etc)


-Prepare a pail of water or a yard hose nearby and light one at a time at the safe distance. It is an enjoyment, a celebration not a galactical war.


-Never light a “dead” firecracker again and no picking up the explosion pieces as they can be very hot. 


-Soak each firecracker with a hose or pail of water as it turns out to make sure they are fully used. Carefully clean the area. 

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Any Fireworks Injuries Happened,

-Refer to the nearest doctor or the emergency room right away.


-NEVER rub touch, or flush if it is the eye injuries as this could result in greater harm. Get a cup,  cut the bottom out and lay it over the eye. Apply that while seeking emergency medical help right away.


-For burns. remove all clothing from the burned area. NEVER touch the pieces that are attached to the skin and apply a gauze bandage to the burned area after running cool moderate temperature water over it.


-NEVER apply any sort of ointments, butter, or other treatments to the burn. Check if the burned area is extensive and signs of infections (swelling, warmth, increased redness, increased pain, or pus). Do look around the face, hands, neck, feet, joints, or genitals. Furthur check should be done with emergency medical attention.


REMEMBER to always play with care. Never turn a celebration into tragedy and we all can enjoy the beauty of the 2000-year-old invention safely.