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Best Celebratory Displays In The World

 When traveling around Christmas time have you ever thought of staying over for the New Year celebrations? There are many places to go to for amazing firework displays that will have you in awe. Every New Year, television networks show off some of the best firework displays from all around the world. But there are several holidays unrelated to the New Year festivities that also show off colour and light in their extravagant firework displays. 

Firework Shows, Disneyland


Every child’s playground, and every adult’s nostalgia, Disney has provided us with many iconic movies, shows and theme park rides! Disney is famous and popular for the magic it inspires in the young and old, and there are few who remain immune to it. Disney Resorts and amusement parks are found in Paris, France; California and Florida, The USA; and Hong Kong, China. So, wherever you end up on holiday you have a close-by option to watch their fantastic shows. Disneyland of Paris and California and Disney World in Florida show off fireworks not only over the holiday, but even as a simple celebration of vitality; of youth. Their firework displays are some of the most beautiful and complex shows in the world and they often use them at the announcements of new rides and major holidays.

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The Ball Drop, Times Square

New Year’s Day in New York catches the excitement and rush of the city. The Times Square Ball Drop on the eve of the New Year is televised internationally for the world to join in on the countdown from 6 p.m EST. A tradition that started with the New York Times owner Adolph Och in 1907, this tradition has gone on for more than a century, and continues to be one of the most anticipated events of the New Year. Accompanying the iconic midnight Ball Drop is the magnificent display of colour and razzle dazzle as fireworks explode and the streets are showered with stringers and glitter. This is an event that is great to attend with family and friends and will, no doubt, leave you with the best optimism to start the new year.

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New Year’s Day, Sidney Harbour


Another famous host to splendour and glamour, Sidney Harbour has global watchers glued to their displays. Also often done on the first of January annually Sidney Harbour, Australia, has some of the most iconic firework displays in the world and many news networks place it in the top ten. Against the background of the night sky meshing with the city lights, their fireworks expand into the sky in beautiful symmetry and orchestration. It is a feast for the eyes that anybody in Australia for the holiday would appreciate.

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America’s 4th of July, Washington DC


The fourth of July is also known as America’s independence day, a celebration of their founding identity as a former colony of Britain. Celebrations in Washington DC are a spectacle with music performances , famous guests from all over America, and more! Watch the air force make a strong display of patriotism with an air show where planes are coordinated to fly in intricate forms and patterns. At night, treat yourself to their extravagant fireworks along with thousands of other eager ono-watchers.

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Diwali, Kolkata


Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Lights, a religious holiday that celebrates newness, light overcoming darkness, and the triumph of good over bad. It is celebrated by hundreds of  millions of people across the globe, but the celebrations in Kolkata are a special affair. Join locals in lighting precious lanterns and bringing more light as a symbol of transcendence. Given that the holiday is over five days, you have several chances to participate in their firework displays, too.

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