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Are Fireworks The Best Way To Celebrate?

While the glamour of fireworks never fades, there are many communities growing to be concerned about this method of celebration. Why are people moving away from the idea of always turning to fireworks to mark their festivities? Are there other ways to celebrate without fireworks and still maintain the glorious flourish of the event? The reasons to look for other ways to highlight a day are growing.


  1.     The Loudness Of Fireworks

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Fireworks are often noisy and the noise pollution comes at the sacrifice of pets, sensitive people and several others. Animals act skittish due to the ongoing explosives. And as many often go off at the same time, especially sensitive animals are often seen running astray in agitation. Many animal advocates consider fireworks to be an unkind and tortuous festivities because of the distress they cause animals. The loudness also distresses many sensitive individuals.  


  1.     Air Pollution

On big days like New Year’s Eve, the world experiences a large amount of air pollution as fireworks light the night sky. While the air pollution is temporary, it still poses a threat to the health of individuals who are sensitive to air quality. Partial visibility is another problem. The smoke is therefore not only an obscurity but it is also problematic in affecting air quality.


  1.     Safety Hazards

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Celebrations involving fireworks tend to turn into disastrous events when not handled with care. There have been numerous reports of several celebrations and festivities resulting in deadly forest fires, which burn for days on end and have even resulted in the loss of forestry, animals and lives of firefighters. Especially during the dry seasons, the possibility of festive celebrations turning into disasters are high, and because events have become largely extravagant, measures have had to be put in place to ensure that it is not excessive. Not only this, but fireworks pose more danger because of their explosive qualities. Their unpredictability makes them deadly, especially if they come with different capabilities and powers.


  1.     Other Celebration Choices


There are other ways of celebrating without fireworks; without the same noise or air pollution. Using candles is a great way to light up the evening. Candles are a safer replacement because they last longer, offer a pretty scenery and are noiseless. Another option is lanterns. Lanterns, especially landed ones, limit the air pollution while still marking the celebratory events. Another option is to use lights. Lights are noiseless, easy to install and still make the festivities memorable. With lights they come with a smaller chance of fires breaking out, especially wildfires.


There are many other ways to celebrate. Fireworks still add the preferred element to the night time scene, but with the variety of problems they cause, there are other options– other alternatives that can grow to become the norm.