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8 Maternity Photos That Every Pregnant Woman Should Take

Pregnancy is an enthralling and unique experience. There are so many concerns, expectations, and, yes, bodily changes that come with it. It’s no surprise that so many women want to capture the moment with a pregnancy photoshoot.

Maternity photography presents its own set of difficulties. Making each customer look and feel both attractive and comfortable is one of them, and it’s an art that necessitates paying attention to the pregnant form’s intricacies.

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1. Beach Beauty

pregnant woman

Why it works: The beach is a wonderful backdrop for almost any photo, including pregnancy shots, because it is pretty, serene, and romantic with dramatic hues.

Pro tips:  Rochelle Shucart, a family photographer located in Naples, Fla., thinks that “nice, soft photographs are ideal immediately around sunset.” “I wouldn’t suggest taking shots any sooner than that. For a ‘beachy’ style, this mom wore her own nautical blouse and hat. With a soft-lit sky, this was captured just as the sun was setting in front of her.”

Level of difficulty: It’s fairly simple. For beginners, lighting can be tough, but if you follow Shucart’s advice and wait till sunset, you won’t go wrong.

2. Heart Hands

pregnant woman

Why it works: It’s only natural to express your affection for that little guy growing inside with a heart.

Pro tips: “This was accomplished by utilising natural light from a window,” Shucart explains. “I positioned Dad’s and Mom’s hands on her stomach to ensure the rings were visible.” Do not really skip about black and white, which can be applied to practically any photo using photo editing software, according to the photographer. “Adding some contrasts to black and white images is also a nice idea,” she suggests.

Level of difficulty: Easy. The photo’s tight frame accentuates the love even more.

3. Big Sister/Big Brother Bonding


Why it works: Is it really necessary to elaborate? Older kids can’t wait to see their siblings, so document their delight before any rivalry develops!

Pro tips:  “During photoshoots, play with the kids,” says Kansas-based photographer Chelsea Donoho.”Inspire children to fantasise, dance, sing, and act stupidly, and then be prepared to shoot whatever occurs.” The photographs will be lovely and happy if they’re having a great time. Don’t forget to bring snacks!”

Level of difficulty: Medium. Of course, your success will be determined by your miniature model’s mood, but if you have the patience to snap a lot of photos, you’ll have a winner.

4. Lil Pumpkin

pregnant woman

Why it works: True, your little pumpkin is roughly the size of, well, a pumpkin right now. So, if you’re expecting in the fall, go to the pumpkin farm to get a humorous but sweet snapshot of your developing belly bump.

Pro tips:  Choose a unique venue to showcase your personality, such as a pumpkin patch (like this one from Captured Memories Photography in British Columbia), a favourite park, a farmer’s market, or a baseball field. Don’t forget about Dad—you’ll be glad you included him in some of your photos later.

Level of difficulty: Medium to difficult. When dealing with background, photography becomes more difficult (not to mention Mother Nature). To keep any would-be picture bombers at bay, be prepared to move around a lot.

5. Simple Silhouette

pregnant woman photography

Why it works: The contour of a pregnant woman’s body has so much beauty, and the black and white silhouette of this photo by Texas-based photographer McShan is the pinnacle of grace.

Pro tips:  To make the mom-to-be stand out, choose a clean, basic, yet stunning background, such as this entryway. To make the silhouette, you’ll need backlighting (if you’re using an iPhone, touch on the lightest portion of the screen to brighten it up even more).

Level of difficulty: The difficulty ranges from medium to difficult. The importance of composition in capturing this stunning photograph cannot be overstated.

6. Pretty Props

pregnant woman

Why it works: There aren’t many things cuter than a pair of tiny baby shoes, in our opinion. It may be the ideal image, especially with that gorgeous bulge.

Pro tips: “Using props for a pregnancy session should have a unique meaning,” says Jermaine Amado, a Denver family photographer.”Shoes, a onesie, an ultrasound picture, block letters for the baby’s name, and a book are the most frequent props for pregnancy photos.” Because you’ll be using a prop in your photos, the focus will be on the prop the majority of the time. However, you may vary it up by focusing on the family or the tummy instead of the prop. When you see the belly and family, then your emphasis shifts to blurred baby shoes or an ultrasound photo, it’s a fantastic shot.”

Level of difficulty: The difficulty ranges from medium to difficult. You’ll be successful with this style of photo if you have photography skills and the ability to play with focus. But don’t worry if you don’t. Those cute props will continue to steal the stage.

7. The Name Game

Why it works: When you want to let friends and family know what your baby’s name is, use a chalkboard sign to do it in style.

Pro tips: It’s time to focus on clothes once you’ve locked down the sign and the venue. Melissa Young, a photographer based in Tempe, Ariz., advises, “Wear something you feel comfortable and secure in.” “Long dresses and skirts work well for pregnancy wear. If you are unsure about the clothing, you may want to consult with your photographer ahead of time, as they may advise you on which images are appropriate for your body type and the location you are shooting at.”

Level of difficulty: Medium. It’s possible that you’ll need to snap multiple photos to capture the excitement of the moment.

8. Don’t Forget Fido

pregnant woman with a dog

Why it works: There’s no need to leave the furriest member of your family out when you have puppy love.

Pro tips: Choose a neutral background so that your adorable puppy and gorgeous belly may take centre stage.

Level of difficulty: Easy to medium (as long as your puppy is well-behaved!).