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6 Gift Ideas For A Father’s Special Day

There is always a holiday around the corner: Christmas, Father’s Day, birthdays and other celebrations. Finding the best gifts for your dad can be a tumultuous time, especially given how elusive dads can be about what they really want.There are many ways to make the day special without making it too expensive. So while we may want to give our fathers all the best presents they deserve, it is not always easy. Not to fret! We’ve provided a mixed list of items to accommodate all kinds of budgets while still making your dad’s day one to remember.


Cologne Sets

firework celebrations

Colognes are a good investment and never a miss! There are several brands that have affordable options. While eau de toilets are cheaper, colognes have a scent that is stronger for longer. Purchasing a good cologne offers a long-lasting high-quality fragrance. Some cologne sets come with a smaller complementary colognes or an eau de toilette. 



firework celebrationsFirework celebrations are an awesome night event to either start the day or end it. There are several kinds of fireworks that show off beautiful displays when lit up. Consult a store about some of the most impressive ones and set up a small show outdoors for a spectacular evening. Ensure that you take safety measures and all required precautions before lighting your fireworks.


Casual Clothes And Suits

You can never go wrong with a good t-shirt, a dad cap or a pair of new sneakers. There are different stores that provide high quality clothing and the best part about clothing is that it is expressive, while also being accessible and affordable in most cases. If you aim to personalise the gift more, you can get your father several customised items or apparel. These are worthwhile investments that show off your father’s character and your relationship with him.


High Grade Coffee Or Whiskey

High grade coffee tastes perfect in the morning, however finding the best beans proves to be a bit harder. Many people actually opt to import their high-grade coffees if they can’t find the best quality coffee close by. If your father enjoys whiskey there are a variety to consider purchasing for his special day. 


Baked Goods Or A Cooked Feast

Baking your dad a cake or cupcakes is perfect for young children who don’t have their own income yet and therefore can’t buy expensive items. Help them through the baking or cooking a delicious dish that their father enjoys. It does not have to be a complex dish, but it can definitely uplift the mood and make their father’s day a grand one.


Plan A Day Out

Planning a day out with your father is another way to make it memorable. Spending quality time ensures that your father knows that you value his company and time. You can spend the day doing all the activities your father enjoys or take him to his favourite spots around town or the city. You could also make it a day with your dad and some of his friends, or make it a day out for both your parents so that they enjoy some time alone. Make it a memorable day with a sorted itinerary, or allow your father to pick his own activities.