Planning The Best New Year’s Party

When it comes to New Year’s Eve party planning, begin by deciding on a theme or idea. The theme of your party will determine the type of food, beverages, and decorations you’ll use, so pick an idea that complements your party’s style and budget. These New Year’s Eve celebration ideas will be a hit.


Prepare and decorate a small area outside your front entrance according to the party’s theme. After they arrive, guests can leave their coats and bags here. It is impossible to maintain order in the home without this modest space for jackets and purses. That’s no way to celebrate.


Set the mood for a relaxed get-together with a small group of friends by creating a warm and inviting environment. Pillows, blankets, and beanbag seats should all be placed on the floor. Set them up in a circle around a dining table. This easy-to-implement party space technique creates a welcoming atmosphere and invites attendees to mingle, play games, and laugh.

If you foresee a larger crowd, position your furniture closer to the walls to make the space feel more spacious. There’s a lot more fun to be had when there’s room for everyone. Either that or use the service of fabrication with machining in Malaysia to spruce up your furniture and make it look more presentable. Finishing services including deburring, polishing, coating, and painting can be provided to the product by these companies. Finishing is distinct from fabrication in that it is a subsequent procedure used to treat the product’s exterior rather than to shape or construct a new one.


Glow sticks are perfect for creating a lasting memory during the party. Set them up all about the house as a creative way to spice up the party. To make the party even more fun, fill the balloons with glow sticks before releasing them.

Adding lights gives every room a festive feel and a cozy feel. Set a lively mood with string lights. Attaching the lights to the buffet table’s edges also looks wonderful. To go with your elegant dinner party, choose the perfect candle size. Their ambient lighting instantly creates a cozy atmosphere. If you’re having a get-together outside, bring lanterns and mason jars to light the way.


Prepping Food & Drinks

The more time you have to plan your food in advance, the more organized you’ll be and the more prepared you’ll be. If you’re going to prepare food ahead of time for a party, stick to simple recipes. Look for dishes that just require a few ingredients and can be quickly prepared. With fewer ingredients, you’ll spend less time measuring and prepping, allowing you to finish your meal faster. To save time, stay away from dishes that require numerous steps or complex preparation.

Choosing a few important dishes to serve rather than serving an abundance of food is another way to keep the menu basic. You don’t want your visitors to go hungry, but you also don’t want to prepare 20 different recipes and then have a fridge full of leftovers. Instead, keep your production to a minimum. The fewer dishes you have to prepare, the faster you can finish them.


As a rule of thumb, stay with tried-and-true dishes. If you’ve produced something more than once, you’ll have a better idea of which steps you can finish in time for the celebration. You also have a better idea of how it should appear at each stage, so you’re more comfortable with the end outcome.


Take into account the time it takes to prepare and cook each item. To make the most of your time, look for dishes with short cooking periods and minimal preparation. Include side dishes, snacks, and desserts in your list of party menu items. Take out the recipes and look at the various steps to see how much you can get done early.


It’s easy to forget about beverages and how you’ll serve them to visitors when you’re focusing on little bits and party cuisine. Be sure to have plenty of ice on hand before the party starts, and encourage everybody who is bringing a drink to do so. So that you can refill and open drinks all night — or day — long, store your corkscrew and shaker somewhere you’ll remember it from the previous night.

Everything is taken care of so all you have to do is replenish the wine, beer, and other beverages during the party. Last but not least, provide non-alcoholic alternatives for individuals who prefer the water, seltzer, or other non-alcoholic beverages.


Get Fireworks!

Plan ahead of time for your pyrotechnics display. Perpendicular to the crowd, place one or two rows of fireworks. Put the smaller, multiple-shot items at the front of each row. Put the same elements in the same order in each row for larger shows with two rows. There should be 50 feet between each row. Place the mortars 20 to 25 feet behind the rows, depending on how long your rows are.


Make sure there is always something in the air. There should be very little downtime. Intensify the suspense and emotions by playing to them. Bring the show to a successful conclusion. Start with the more modest fireworks and build up to a grand finale that features a large number of them going off simultaneously. A fireworks display is a piece of art in the sky. Time is needed to design your show and time to put out the pyrotechnics if you want a stunning fireworks display. 


It’s best if there’s just one person in command. Ten to twenty minutes is the ideal duration for a well-produced fireworks display. It’ll seem like it goes on forever. You have a limited ability to manipulate someone’s emotions. Even the most spectacular fireworks displays endure for no more than 20 minutes. Fireworks are a form of art, and there are countless methods to make them visually appealing. If you prefer a lengthier, more leisurely performance, limit your multi-shot objects to one row.

Ancient Chinese Fireworks: A Fascinating Look at Their History

Several ground-breaking technological breakthroughs have been attributed to China. Among all that, gunpowder was discovered by the Chinese, who were the originators of modern-day fireworks. For the Chinese, one of the “Four Great Inventions” was the discovery of gunpowder.

Legend has it that the invention of pyrotechnics and gunpowder was some time in the distant past. Let us travel back in time to discover more about how fireworks were invented and how they were used in both celebrations and wars.


Fireworks in China | Chinese fireworks, Forbidden city, Fireworks

Fireworks were employed to ward off evil spirits during the Han Dynasty in China (206 BC-220 AD). Bamboo stems were used during the Han Dynasty to make a big explosion. The stems burned and split before exploding in the flames. When heated, the hollow air pockets in bamboo will expand and burst like a bomb.

The Chinese people were ecstatic about it. It was their belief that evil spirits were there, thus the explosion was meant to scare them away. As evil spirits were banished, the burst of bamboo became closely associated with happiness and celebration. Since that time, the Chinese have employed ‘bursting bamboo’ to fend off ghosts and spirits on the first day of the lunar new year every year.

When it comes the time to celebrate the new year, bamboo bursting was a popular choice. This continued until the discovery of ‘gunpowder,’ which ended the era. This is because, similar to the bursting bamboo, a loud explosion occurred when gunpowder was put into the bamboo tubes.

Fireworks’ Historical Background

China's millennium-old fireworks hub grapples with bans and shifting  traditions | Reuters

Fireworks were created by a Chinese cook, according to legend. Charcoal, Sulphur, and Potassium Nitrate (later used in gunpowder) were accidentally mixed by the cook, resulting in an unusually flaky and dark combination.

It burst in a rainbow of colors when ignited. Additionally, when burnt within a bamboo stalk, the concoction exploded violently.

Early Fireworks

History of Gunpowder

After that, the Chinese experimented using bamboo tubes packed with gunpowder but with one end left open. These tubes were used in conjunction with a bamboo stick stand to fire long arrows. These tubes, when ignited, delivered a significant amount of force.

As a result, a rocket was invented. The Chinese used this rocket to resist the Mongols during the 13th century invasion. Gunpowder was therefore used in combat.

In older fireworks, paper tubes took the place of bamboo stems. Gunpowder and fuses were placed in little paper tubes. The powder was ignited by the fuse, resulting in the tube’s rupture.

In order to create a shower of fireworks, pallets are now used to link firecrackers so that when one is ignited, they all light up as well. Even now, Chinese factories continue to produce and export fireworks all over the globe.

Since their inception in China in the 7th century, fireworks have undergone significant evolution. Firecrackers have long been associated with frightening away evil spirits. As a result, they are now used in both war and celebration.

Fireworks Around the World

15 Cities To Celebrate New Year In Europe 2019: TripHobo

People from all around the globe were fascinated by the invention of Chinese fireworks. Expertise in gunpowder is said to have made its way from China to the Middle East through India.  Because these were Chinese innovations, Arabs named potassium nitrate (saltpeter) as Chinese Snow, fireworks as Chinese Flowers, and rockets as Chinese Arrows.

Fireworks and firearms were first used by the warriors, according to some legends. Not like the modern day where people resolve issues through a panel like ADNDRC Panel, the Europeans resolved their dispute by showcasing the might of gunpowder in war. As a result, gunpowder became the primary fuel for weapons like pistols, canons, and rockets.

Germany and Italy were the world’s best at making the most of gunpowder. As a result, the Germans came up with cutting-edge scientific fireworks.

The Italians were the first Europeans to create pyrotechnics using gunpowder. In Italy, they developed flying shells that erupted in a riot of color and sound when they were lit.

Fireworks were very popular during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. As a result of the Queen’s fascination with fireworks, a new position was created in her castle: that of “Fire Master of England.”

On July 4, 1777, Americans lit their first firecrackers to celebrate the country’s independence. A spectacular display of fireworks accompanied George Washington’s inauguration as the first President of the United States of America. New Year’s Eve and other major holidays in the United States still include fireworks to this day.

Early rockets were used by the Chinese military army in combat, and these rockets ultimately developed into a lethal weapon. This one discovery has had a profound impact on the course of human history.

China continues to use fireworks to scare away spirits and celebrate the new year with joy and happiness. Fireworks become a common element of joyful occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and holidays throughout the world. Due to recent developments in explosives and pyrotechnics, musically synchronized fireworks have become a huge hit.

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Children And Firework Safety

When we talk about fireworks, our minds will surely be thinking about the sparks in the sky, flamboyant tones, all shapes, and patterns that emerge on the night sky, entertaining our retinas. Thanks to technology, we can get views of everything now. Apart from buying Malaysia’s best baby care essentials, online shopping for a new vacuum for our home, we can just search and watch videos about fireworks. Though the experience is not as much, it is still able to entertain us and the kids too. 

Modern fireworks or pyrotechnics were only established in the 1830s. So, now it is almost 2000 years since it was first invented. Now you must be wondering how people before the 18th century celebrates without any fireworks. Well, the firecracker was an accident actually, not a purpose of the invention. How? The Chinese used to fling bamboo into the fire to make the firework. That was around 200 BC, Thanks to that incident, the idea slowly expanded and slowly it took another thousand years for genuine fireworks to emerge. Legend and old fold tales revealed that an alchemist blended sulfur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate together in the pursue of a successful firework. 

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As time progresses, gunpowder began to migrate west, which is when the Western inventors got their hand on them and started the production of invented weaponry like muskets and cannons. They also continued to develop fireworks, which grew larger and more sophisticated at that time. English royals were known for their best fireworks display as King James II‘s Firemaster was knighted for his outstanding efforts at that time.

That time, they were introducing pyrotechnics to their thirteen colonies on the other side of the Atlantic and the glory was so memorable, the British are the ones you need to thank for the tradition of celebrating Independence Day with these bright blasts. Looking back, the Italian inventors to add elements like strontium or barium 60 years ago. That result is the “ Big Bang” for the firework existence and the explosions we see today. So many branches of fireworks in the modern days now, like Orion Pyrotechnics, and more.

Fireworks are beautiful indeed, but they can do harm to people as well. There are basic things to know when it comes to firework safety and children. 

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Basic Rules:

-Make sure kids stay a safe distance away from the fire as the heat can cause damage to the skin, especially the sensitive ones. 


-Keep everyone a safe distance away from the exhibit and watch at a safe distance. Too close and that would be the firework of your funeral.


-Returning to a burning firework is never a good idea as they might explode on at the time you are in the danger radius. All the pieces of explosions are hot and can be very harmful if they hit the body parts (eyes, ears, fingers, etc).


-Never, ever, ever toss fireworks as it is can be a weapon and deadly. Find something else to throw people at. Anything but fireworks.


-Fireworks should be stored in a metal container. With lid used and apply safety precautions that are necessary. You do not want to end up burning your house because of accidental lit.


-When using pyrotechnics, always follow the manufacturer’s directions and do not mess around with the chemical. Too much Rick and Morty do not make you a chemical engineer. 


What To Know Before Firework:

-Only purchase legal fireworks. Keep them in a cool, dry location and away from any heat whatsoever. 


-Choose a flat, open spot distant from people when light them up. NEVER aim to houses, and dry bushes, you know how firework works.


-Spray the area with a garden hose before lighting them and make sure the kids and pets are in the safe zone, away from the launching pad. 


-NEVER light a firework when you are drunk. Choose either to enjoy the firework in your imagination or the real ones. 


What To Know During And After Firework:

-Have an adult in charge of the situation and NEVER let children underage light them without any supervision.


-Follow the directions on the package and wear any eye protection if needed (sunglasses, etc)


-Prepare a pail of water or a yard hose nearby and light one at a time at the safe distance. It is an enjoyment, a celebration not a galactical war.


-Never light a “dead” firecracker again and no picking up the explosion pieces as they can be very hot. 


-Soak each firecracker with a hose or pail of water as it turns out to make sure they are fully used. Carefully clean the area. 

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Any Fireworks Injuries Happened,

-Refer to the nearest doctor or the emergency room right away.


-NEVER rub touch, or flush if it is the eye injuries as this could result in greater harm. Get a cup,  cut the bottom out and lay it over the eye. Apply that while seeking emergency medical help right away.


-For burns. remove all clothing from the burned area. NEVER touch the pieces that are attached to the skin and apply a gauze bandage to the burned area after running cool moderate temperature water over it.


-NEVER apply any sort of ointments, butter, or other treatments to the burn. Check if the burned area is extensive and signs of infections (swelling, warmth, increased redness, increased pain, or pus). Do look around the face, hands, neck, feet, joints, or genitals. Furthur check should be done with emergency medical attention.


REMEMBER to always play with care. Never turn a celebration into tragedy and we all can enjoy the beauty of the 2000-year-old invention safely.

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Best Firework Show Around The World

In many countries, fireworks represent a celebration and a happy time. Everyone loves to see those colorful sparkles filling the night skies. It is truly one of the most beautiful and magical moments for everyone. 

Alfran Malaysia.

However, have you ever wondered what is the history behind a firework and how it’s being made? The history of fireworks is that the fireworks trace their origins to around 200 B.C., when villagers in Liyuan, China, invented them by flinging bamboo stalks into fire pits. Pyrotechnics took off with the invention of gunpowder. They were used to light up Europe in the Middle Ages, and they are still used in Lunar New Year celebrations today. Polychromatic displays became a worldwide craze after Italian pyrotechnicians used metallic powders to create distinct colors in the 1830s. And nowadays, most fireworks are made from a rolled paper tubes and filled with black powder also known as gunpowder, and to make it more interesting they’ll fill the tubes with colors, and sparkles to make them brighter. 


Well, that is a small history of how firecrackers exist and now it has been a symbol of celebration throughout centuries. People all around the world enjoy a firework show whenever they are celebrating something special. If you are someone that loves to watch a firework show, these are some of the best firework show all around the world. 


Sydney, Australia – Australia Day 

Alfran Malaysia.

On every year of January 26, the city of Sydney will hold the biggest firework celebration to celebrate their National Holiday which is known as Australia Day. This celebration will behold in Sydney’s Darling Harbour. Any many people will arrive a few hours earlier to find the best spot to watch this no-holds-barred fireworks show. Other than beautiful mesmerizing fireworks show they will also be holding a boat parade to add to this beautiful experience. This is truly one of the must festivals that you need to experience by yourself whenever you are visiting Sydney, Australia. 


Malta – Malta International Fireworks 

Alfran Malaysia.

Malta is a small island that is located in the south-central region of the Mediterranean Sea. it is truly one of the most beautiful and historical islands for you to come to visit. Every year around the last week of April, the small island will hold the best fireworks show in the world. A few firework companies around Malta will collaborate to come up with the most spectaculars and mesmerizing firework show. This is one of the tourist attractions that this small island has done for a few years. 


Canada – Montreal International Fireworks Competition 

Alfran Malaysia.

This is the biggest fireworks competition in the world and it will take place almost a month of every July. Every big and well-known pyrotechnic company will gather here in Canada and blast their most beautiful and unique firecrackers. This competition will attract the attention of almost 3 million audiences every year and they can purchase a ticket to get the best seat and view or they can watch it for free at Mount Royal Park or a spot near the Saint Lawrence River. This is exactly the kind of competition that everyone wants to watch. 


Dubai, United Arab Emirates – New Year’s Eve 

Alfran Malaysia.
Burj Khalifa 2020 New Year’s Eve, Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 1/1/2020 Photo by Fritz John Asuro/ITP Images;Burj Khalifa New Year’s Eve 2020

This country is known to have one of the tallest buildings in the world which is the infamous ‘Burj Khalifa’. Every end of the year, this skyscraper will put on one of the most famous firework show to celebrate the beginning of a new year. Tourist all around the world will book their flight to celebrate their New Year’s Eve here and see the fabulous fireworks show by themselves. And to be honest, our country can also build the tallest building and put on a firework show, with the help from Alfran Malaysia.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Reveillon Fireworks Show 

Alfran Malaysia.

When it comes to parties and celebrations, without a doubt, Brazil will hold the best and wild celebration ever. And this has been proven with their New Year’s Eve celebration where they will be blasting the best, the most colorful, exciting fireworks ever. They will hold this celebration every year at Copacabana Beach and many people will be there to celebrate New Year’s Eve and also watch the fireworks show. 

India – Diwali 

Alfran Malaysia.

Diwali is one of the biggest celebrations that people in India will celebrate every mid-October until mid-November. During that festival celebrations, they will blast out the biggest and majestic fireworks. This is because it is a symbol of a celebration and they want the people to have a blast and enjoy their time while celebrating Diwali. 


Japan, Niigata – Katakai Fireworks Festival 

Alfran Malaysia.

If you are interested in the history of fireworks, you should come to Japan and celebrates this festival. This is the oldest fireworks festival in the world and it has lasted for the past 400 years. At this festival, they also have the biggest firecracker in the world which is the ‘Yonshakudama’ a giant rocket that is over 1.2 meters wide. This festival will usually behold in every September of every year, so book your ticket now. 


How To Make Special Events Memorable With Fireworks

Some events only come around once in a lifetime, and they are worth celebrating. Time is finite– our friends and families are only around for so long. Every achievement should be celebrated. Some events, however, require an extra special touch because they are not achieved by everybody. Enjoying the time you have and the milestones you have accomplished requires more to make the moment worth it. Treasure the pictures you take with your loved ones, and with the help of an SAP Consultant Malaysia you can save these images on the cloud platform they provide and revisit some of your favourite moments over the years to reminisce how far you’ve come. 



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Marriages are a beautiful concept. The idea of promising to love someone for the rest of their lives is worth commemorating. Therefore, why not plan an elegant yet intimate party or get-together to celebrate your beloved? Anniversaries do not only have to be celebrated when you are old. Every year you grow closer together is worth celebrating. The best anniversary parties do not have to be extravagant. Some opt to go on a second honeymoon, or a private getaway. If you want to make the most of your celebrations, the best fireworks can make a beautiful splash to end the evening. With indoor fireworks, you are guaranteed a safe yet spectacular evening. These fireworks shoot from the floor up to look like small fountains of sparkles. With the right guidance, you can purchase a set to make your night unforgettable.

Anniversaries are not limited to marriage. They can be work-related, or to remember when you first moved to a different country or adopted a puppy. Anniversaries are special because they matter to you. As time goes on the conventional anniversary becomes more and more outdated, anyway!



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Birthdays remain a sacred event. Just like anniversaries, every birthday is a big deal, whether you decide you celebrate it or not. Surprise parties are a lovely way to remind your friends and family that you are thinking of them often. If you aren’t into surprises, you can plan a small feast or barbeque. The patio or backyard that you’ve been waiting to use can finally come in handy! Especially in the summer, birthdays allow debonair people to get together and enjoy each other’s company.

And of course we can’t forget birthdays for pets! Bingo or Nemo deserves a good celebration, too. Dogs and cats will appreciate a good bowl of grub and a new chew toy. Give your dog a few good head rubs and tummy scratches to get a few licks in return! Fireworks are often hard to have around dogs because they are sensitive to the sound and the smoke. However, some fireworks are easier for them to be around. Try a collection of sparklers that are noiseless, but still make the day a wonderful treat for Fido. 

Graduations And Reunions

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Education is a fundamental tool in this world. While the schooling experience is not for everybody, those who manage to go through it and finish it should be commended. Not everybody is able to find what they are looking for in university or college and accomplish their studies. Graduation ceremonies are for anyone of any age. Whenever you get to graduate, it is still an achievement that is worth celebration. Your age should not matter. Aside from getting a large slice of cake, you should invest in a firework display that can set the night ablaze. Whether you are celebrating alone, with family, or with a few graduating mates, you can have a brilliant firework display with various colourful fireworks to end the night. 

Reunions are an anniversary in their own right, as students, colleagues and families get together in remembrance of the last time that they were together. These gatherings not only mark your journey in life, but also your journey as a person who has lived through many changes. You are a walking testament of life! Keeping it simple with a few drinks, live fireworks and music is enough to get people in the mood to relive the good old days. Nostalgia is best done in the presence of good people.


Any Day Is Worth Celebrating

When you get to a certain point in life, you realise that any day and every day is a gift that needs to be treasured. There is no need for a specific occasion to wait to set a few fireworks to work. Get a few ground spinners or grenade crackers and have fun with your friends because you want to. Fireworks are not only for celebrating the big achievements. They are also for the small ones, like obtaining your driver’s license, or hitting a goal you’d wanted for so long. As long as you are living well and happy, any day is perfect for a few fireworks.









Cyberjaya and Semenyih

Best Types Of Fireworks

When the Chinese realised that bamboo was put into a fire burst with a huge explosion in 200 B.C., they devised fireworks. They realised they could utilise it to vanquish evil entities at that point. A Chinese alchemist invented fireworks around 600 to 900 A.D. and started utilising them to produce firearms. Marco Polo brought fireworks into Europe around 1295 during a trip to the Orient. Throughout the 1730s, the original settlers carried pyrotechnics to America. Italian pyrotechnicians enhanced pyrotechnics in the 1830s and introduced substances that generated colours. Red was created by strontium, green by barium, blue by copper, and yellow by sodium. Now, in Malaysia, we can see fireworks at every festival that are held, especially in Cyberjaya and Semenyih.


  • Multi-Break Shell

Cyberjaya and Semenyih

Several tiny shells of varying sizes and sorts are contained within a larger shell. Even before shells detonate, the initial explosion distributes them throughout the sky. This effect is known as “Thousands” whenever a shell incorporates tiny shells of the very same type and size.


  • Garden Fireworks

Cyberjaya and Semenyih

When you go to your neighbourhood store to acquire some pop hits for a blaze night party, these are all the sorts of fireworks that you will see the most. The solitary Catherine Wheel and the Rocket create the outstanding firework show on the lawn, with fairly small but powerful explosions. The risk level, like the sound levels, is still modest, however, that doesn’t imply they’re completely safe to deal with. Then again, they resemble the bombs that Mr Fawkes attempted to employ on that awful night. To enable for just an 8-meter dust burst, these creative fireworks demand a range of at minimum 15 metres. Fortunately, they usually have a combination of different fuses, which gives you a fair shot of escaping.


  • Flying Spinners

Cyberjaya and Semenyih

Ground spinners were funny to someone, perhaps a particularly tall individual tired of children kicking his knee whilst observing them, yet not nearly enough. The ground spinner was given wings, so it evolved to a winged spinner. And birds can now take part in the nationalistic event. Helicopters are another name for ground spinners.


  • Indoor Fireworks

These fireworks are intended for usage in confined spaces with low ceilings. As a result, such fireworks often have a modest loudness to prevent causing any undesired eardrum beeps. Even though they are meant to be harmless for indoor use, everyone must remain at least one metre away out from the firecracker at all moments. This is so that any drifting debris may be accounted for. These types of pyrotechnics don’t usually have a fuse burn because they erupt and light quickly, yet you can purchase those that allow you to leap that one metre away.


  • Girandola

Cyberjaya and Semenyih.

Nothing compares to a Girandola as among the finest varieties of novelty fireworks. They start out as a large F4 disk lay flat with beams carrying numerous gunpowder pipes. During blastoff, Rockets fire, and the disk is actively placed in speed. The Girandola flies in a loop preceding a bombardment of blasts with Rockets, Peonies, Flares, Flying Fish, and other items. 


  • Crossette

Cyberjaya and Semenyih

Crossettes are identical to traditional comet fireworks in aesthetic, yet rather than going in one route, they split in half at the peak, giving them a distinctive aspect. Even as Crossette achieves its max elevation, you’ll see plenty of sparks coming off it, giving it a stunning appearance. Crossettes may also turn the evening sky into a rainbow of colours, particularly if you select the multicoloured kind.


  • Peony

Cyberjaya and Semenyih.

After discussing the most common forms of pyrotechnics, it’s time to emphasise the numerous designs offered. The peony is indeed a type of traditional firework that flies high into the clouds and produces a spectacular piece. The firework leaves no tails or trails behind, instead of exploding in the atmosphere after achieving a specific altitude, producing a stunning colourful globe-shaped explosion. They’re also great for anniversaries and other special occasions. This is typically the very first visual that springs to thoughts when someone talks fireworks. Peony fireworks are available in a variety of sizes, so be aware that prices will vary.


Cyberjaya and Semenyih.

With all of that, we’ve come to the end of this post’s boom, blast, whiz, blaze, crack, and blaze. Before we end this article, we’d want to share an interesting fact with you. Saudi Arabia honoured its 88th yearly National Day celebration in 2018 by setting a fresh record holder by blasting into 900,000 pyrotechnics to lighten the atmosphere in a single firework display. If you enjoyed this post, please share and like it, and be sure to check out several other posts to know more about fireworks.

Orion Pirotehnika fireworks

Low-budget Photo Shoot ideas

Having quick and easy photo shoots to celebrate an event, or to improve your photography skills is going to promise an enjoyable time. Photography is an industry that has exploded to include amateur photographers and professionals. With information everywhere, it is easier for people who wish to increase their skills to learn faster because the information is accessible. YouTube and photography blogs are accommodating the young and the curious. If you really love photography, whether you are the creative director behind the vision, or you are the photographer trying out new tactics, we have compiled a starter-list to help you through it.

How To Carry It Out

      Get Your Friends To Be Your Models

Having your friends model for you is a way to boost your photography portfolio while keeping your budget low. If you are still an amateur photographer, then you can’t expect them to be professional models, of course! But you can use a bit of your own stylistic direction to experiment and test out angles without feeling too self-conscious about your ideas because your friends are the ones involved, not professional.

      Your Phone Can Be Your Best Friend


Your phone is your best friend. You don’t need an expensive, multi-lensed camera to start off your photo shoots. You need passion. Your phone, as long as it has a good camera, will be good enough to get the rough idea across. The best part is that most phones carry high-definition cameras. Couple your device with applications if you like to alter your images and play with filters or exposure. 

Different Photoshoot Prop Ideas


 Balloons are easy to find and cheap. They add the quality of colour and pop to a photoshoot because they are fun, come in great variety and are easy to move around. More importantly, balloons don’t have to be colourful. Even if you desire a grim, more serious toned photoshoot, balloons can also capture this darker-themed concept for you. 



Orion Pirotehnika fireworks are a fan favourite for photographers on the rise. While rockets and other fireworks may be difficult to purchase and time appropriately, you can try sparklers. Sparklers are the smaller fireworks that sparkle at the top until they fizzle out. With long exposure you can capture some of the most entrancing shots to add to your portfolio. Fireworks are also abundantly diverse. They work for weddings, parties, holidays and many other small photography opportunities. Coupled with their affordability, these can easily make your photography interesting.

      Natural/ Man-made Elements


Some photographers prefer to use the world around them as their canvas. Trees, oceans or even buildings can be an interesting prop idea for your images. With these, you can try out your photography several times a week without worrying about their brevity, as is with balloons and fireworks. Try out a nature-walk themed photography shoot, or keep it exciting with a city shoot. 


Orion Pirotehnika rocket firework

How Are Fireworks Made?

Fireworks require a careful process to ensure that they work optimally. There are several different kinds of fireworks but for this article we focus on the Orion Pirotehnika rocket firework, an aerial firework which launches into the sky. Also known as the skyrocket, the rocket firework was invented in the sixteenth century and involves a conical-shaped top to imitate a space rocket. True to form, it is often launched from the ground up and is often accompanied by a whistling noise as they take off. 

Fireworks are ultimately explosives. They work like dynamite where you light a fuse and it explodes. Unlike other explosives and dynamite however, we enjoy fireworks for their splendour; the colour that they splash against the sky. The makeup of rockets, as fireworks,  can be split into four main parts: the fuse, the interior, the shell.

So how are these fascinating holiday celebrative pyrotechnics created? 


The Fuse

The fuse is called a visco fuse and it is made with an easily excitable material that carries the charge to the body of the rocket. This is the end bit that we light with a match or lighter; the catalyst for the entire chain of events to follow. The fuse is layered to have the outer coat water resistant to prevent moisture build up around the wick of the fuse. 


The Shell

rocket firework

There are a few contents inside the firework shell that make the firework work. There’s the mortar, the bursting charge and the propellant powder. Mortar, which is the outer container; the cannon the fuse is connected to. The shell (also known as the artillery shell) is the ‘housing’ surrounding the contents of the rocket firework. That’s the exterior we often see and hold while setting it up on the launch site. Of course, the colour and the sparkle is what attracts us. But what captivates us and makes us purchase the firework is the external design. This is an easy design printed on the outer layer of the rocket which is often paper, which while it does not hold any significance in the effectiveness of the rocket, is a pleasing aesthetic. 


Inside the Shell

The contents of the shell are where the magic of fireworks lies. Inside the shell is the bursting charge, the propellant powder and the ‘stars’. The bursting charge in essence sets the explosion of the ‘stars’ once the firework has reached the required height. Propellant powder (or gunpowder) is what’s ignited when the fire reaches the end of the fuse and causes the firework to burst. The colour and sparkle of the firework display varies from firework to firework. So, some come with delay fuses to allow intermittent bursts as the firework launches. Different powder and chemicals give the colour that we see in the sky, too. 








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6 Gift Ideas For A Father’s Special Day

There is always a holiday around the corner: Christmas, Father’s Day, birthdays and other celebrations. Finding the best gifts for your dad can be a tumultuous time, especially given how elusive dads can be about what they really want.There are many ways to make the day special without making it too expensive. So while we may want to give our fathers all the best presents they deserve, it is not always easy. Not to fret! We’ve provided a mixed list of items to accommodate all kinds of budgets while still making your dad’s day one to remember.


Cologne Sets

firework celebrations

Colognes are a good investment and never a miss! There are several brands that have affordable options. While eau de toilets are cheaper, colognes have a scent that is stronger for longer. Purchasing a good cologne offers a long-lasting high-quality fragrance. Some cologne sets come with a smaller complementary colognes or an eau de toilette. 



firework celebrationsFirework celebrations are an awesome night event to either start the day or end it. There are several kinds of fireworks that show off beautiful displays when lit up. Consult a store about some of the most impressive ones and set up a small show outdoors for a spectacular evening. Ensure that you take safety measures and all required precautions before lighting your fireworks.


Casual Clothes And Suits

You can never go wrong with a good t-shirt, a dad cap or a pair of new sneakers. There are different stores that provide high quality clothing and the best part about clothing is that it is expressive, while also being accessible and affordable in most cases. If you aim to personalise the gift more, you can get your father several customised items or apparel. These are worthwhile investments that show off your father’s character and your relationship with him.


High Grade Coffee Or Whiskey

High grade coffee tastes perfect in the morning, however finding the best beans proves to be a bit harder. Many people actually opt to import their high-grade coffees if they can’t find the best quality coffee close by. If your father enjoys whiskey there are a variety to consider purchasing for his special day. 


Baked Goods Or A Cooked Feast

Baking your dad a cake or cupcakes is perfect for young children who don’t have their own income yet and therefore can’t buy expensive items. Help them through the baking or cooking a delicious dish that their father enjoys. It does not have to be a complex dish, but it can definitely uplift the mood and make their father’s day a grand one.


Plan A Day Out

Planning a day out with your father is another way to make it memorable. Spending quality time ensures that your father knows that you value his company and time. You can spend the day doing all the activities your father enjoys or take him to his favourite spots around town or the city. You could also make it a day with your dad and some of his friends, or make it a day out for both your parents so that they enjoy some time alone. Make it a memorable day with a sorted itinerary, or allow your father to pick his own activities.





A Guide To Firework Purchasing 

The holiday season is a perfect time to purchase a set of fireworks to end off festivities. Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday or commemorate a special occasion, fireworks are a special extra seasoning to the end of a glorious day. These can be customised or bought directly from the store. It is often more affordable to buy them, but if you do prefer to go the extra mile then definitely look into purchasing a customized firework display to make an event of the day that no one will forget. 

What Kind Do You Want To Purchase? 

There are several kinds of fireworks from ground spinners  to firecrackers and rocket launchers. The kind of fireworks you want to purchase subsequently requires other factors to align because of their various properties and display capabilities. For example, firecrackers are relatively small and therefore don’t require much open space to be lit up.

Sparklers: Sparklers are thin and hand-held. They sparkle until they fizzle out and these are often a favourite for young children because they are uncomplicated fun, and easy to move around with. 

Crackers: firecrackers create the sharp popping sounds and fast flashy explosions. These do not launch into the sky, though many people like to throw them into the air before they explode. They are quick and easy while relatively priced. 

Rockets: rocket fireworks are launched into the sky and accompanied by whistling sounds. These often come with colourful displays and have made themselves a fan favourite.

These are not the only kinds in existence. There is an extensive list, however these are often the go-to choices for family functions, and personal use. 

Are You Licensed?/ Are Your Fireworks Legal?

The legality of fireworks can land you in big trouble if they are not recognised by the law. The reason why there is a strictness applied in pyrotechnics is that these are, in concept, explosives. Explosives therefore require care and measures that ensure that they are legitimately sourced. This is important not only to prevent catastrophic incidents that can occur from unregistered and unidentified fireworks, but also to ensure that the quality is legitimate and does not compromise the functionality of the firework.

Can You Afford The Fireworks You Want To Purchase?


Fireworks can range from $5 USD to $ 1 0000 USD! There are several kinds that come with different properties and a variety of stylistic preferences when they are set off. The kind of firework it is also defines the price. A rocket is going to inevitably cost more than a sparkler because it is more spectacular and larger. Some companies offer special firework display shows which are often accompanied by a large fee because the process involves a lot of logistics and maneuvers.